From Darkness to Light

When I used to work in news, we wore IFB’s (earpieces) so that we could hear what was on the air and also get the news producer to talk to us to give us direction or cues. I worked on the morning show, from 5am to 9am, so during those four hours, I’d be plugged in to what was going on. Whispers, and sometimes firm commands would reach my ear. I would “tune-out” the tragic news and only be really attentive to the producer talking to me to give me my cue to start my segment.

As I hear about the shocking news that took place in San Bernardino, I wish I could tune-out the sadness, the blood shed, the utter chaos that affects so many parts of the world today. Where does this terror begin? How does it grow and spread like a virus? Why do people believe that doing such deeds is justified? What’s their message?

Whether you believe in gun control or not, I believe it all starts in one person’s mind, in one room, in one instance. And then it’s disseminated, multiplied, sprinkled accross the universe.

So what if we prayed for that one mind, the one that controls the rest, wherever that mind is. Wherever he or she sleeps. Can we all pray for their mind to be filled with God’s light and mercy?

Let’s be their producer, whispering in their ear, cueing them to stop, to speak with love and act with mercy. Let’s tell them they are children of God and they are loved. Let’s tell them there is no need to kill innocent people to get a message accross. Let’s pray for peace.

In today’s daily readings Jesus cures two blind men: “Then he touched their eyes and said, ‘Let it be done for you according to your faith.’ And their eyes were opened.”- Mt 9:27

Only Jesus can perform such miracles. Only he can stop the madness. “And out of gloom and darkness, the eyes of the blind shall see.”- Is 29:17

Dear Lord, we pray for those lives lost in the San Bernardino shooting. For their souls, their families, and those who continue to choose darkness over light. Please help us find peaceful solutions to all the discourse, the hatred, the miscommunication, and the “radicalization” that exists in the world.

Advent Action: Pray for those who at this moment are planning to attack any part of the world. That their eyes are opened and they stop acting violently.

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