Cold Food, Warm Soul

Starving, I finally sat at the dinner table with the three kids. My husband not home from work yet. My sleepy 18-month-old nursing. My dinner already cold. And since I was holding the baby, I couldn’t quite cut my food. So I excused myself and picked up the chicken thigh with my hand. My 8 yr. old and 5 yr. old laughed and said they wanted to do that too! But I explained why I was doing it and they somewhat understood.

Being a mom has been harder than I ever thought. I roll my eyes with envy at celebrities like Carrie Underwood or Shakira when I hear them say at interviews that motherhood is so easy and that their babies are sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old. That has never happened to me with any of my kids. My toddler STILL doesn’t sleep through the night! 

Before the third child, I challenged myself to read the entire Bible in a year. I bought “My Daily Catholic Bible” and enthusiastically started. It was supposed to be only twenty minutes of reading every day. “I can do that”, I thought. But between 100 other activities and responsibilities, it was tough to get in 20 minutes. I skipped some days and then raced to catch up, even if I had to read while sitting on the toilet. When I finally finished the whole Bible, I felt a sense of fulfilment and joy unlike anything.

Maybe you are like me and not always have time to shower, read a magazine, or eat a warm meal (with utensils!). I find that I’m often trying to squeeze in some “me-time” and don’t always succeed. I can’t read the Bible quietly, pray the rosary daily, go to mass every day, or finish up my book “The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic”. But I have to make time to get spiritual nourishment. Even if it’s not exactly what I’d like for it to be. Even if I can’t read the whole Bible again. If I do whatever it takes to feed myself, I should do whatever it takes to warm my soul with prayer and God’s word. After all, “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD”, Deuteronomy 8:3

Advent Action: Tell a mom that she’s doing a great job and be specific as to why you think so.

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  1. Sister, you are doing a great mommy job being present to your kids, bringing them to God, patiently answering, their screams and silences, bringing out the best they have, the best you have, cooking wholesome meals, and holding the fortress together. I am proud of you.

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