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It’s back-to-school and Cyber-Monday, but it’s also the first Monday of Advent and St. Andrew’s Day. Before becoming Jesus’ disciple, St. Andrew followed John the Baptist. Jesus met Andrew and asked him “What do you seek?” and Andrew answered, “I want to know where Jesus lives.” And that’s how Andrew became Jesus’ first disciple.

I love that story. We don’t hear about Andrew as much as his brother Peter, but I admire how he answered Jesus and I think it’s important to remember what it is we seek during Christmas. 

My phone died earlier this month and I spent two days without it. I felt a little lost and disconnected. When I went to the store for a new one, I found out that I was eligible for an “upgrade”. I got a bigger, better phone. Clearer reception, stunning pictures, and great shortcuts, just to name a few of the advantages.

My life can sometimes revolve around gadgets, calendars, our kids’ school or extracurricular activities. But when I seek Jesus and allow myself to place HIM at the center of my world, no matter what’s going on, I find that I get crystal clear reception, amazing mental pictures, and creative shortcuts to make things easier both physically and spiritually.

Just like Andrew upgraded from John the Baptist to the Messiah, I want to challenge myself to do something every day to keep moving towards Jesus. Would you like to be a part of the challenge? I’ll post an Advent Action and feel free to try it.

Advent Action: Be conscious of the time you spend on your phone/gadget and substitute some of that time with something that connects you to Jesus. For example, if you look at your phone every hour, try to look at it every other hour, and the other time pray or open the Bible to see what God has to say to you.

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