Lighting Up for Easter

Resurrection–What makes us all more alike than different? The most detailed genetic analysis of humans reveals just how similar we all are. And as a Catholic, I relish in the thought that we are made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27).

Last Lenten Season, I was expecting our third child. I found strength in the thought that I got to count down my 40+ weeks of pregnancy, while I went through the 40+ days of Lent with Jesus at my side and in my heart.

Today, as I nurse my boy, I think about the time it takes to grow a baby, to nurture them, to raise them… and the countless challenges we go through as moms. Like Jesus, who knew what would happen to him in the end, we know when we are pregnant, what will happen to us. The physical transformation, the hormonal changes, the cravings, the sleepless nights. And then the baby is born and here come the viruses, more sleepless months, the tears and hardships. But we still do it. We give up our lives for our children. We die to our old selves for this tiny being. We give our bodies over to creation, knowing something grand will come out of it. And so did Jesus. He knew that we would come. That we would follow.

I love Lent for the tests and the revelations it brings. For the reminder of what Jesus did for us. For the chance it gives me to flex my spiritual muscles. I like how Father Robert Barron compares Lent to spring training. “Lent is a time to get tuned up, to get back to basics, to remember the fundamentals.”

I compare Lent to spring cleaning. Polishing, dusting and cleaning my spirit of unnecessary burdens and habits in order to make room for more light, more grace, more compassion, more patience.

As childrenĀ of God, we are all adored and cherished by Our Father. As mothers, we are similar in the way we love our children, and in so much more. As we get closer and closer to the Resurrection, may we allow ourselves to be transformed and give birth to a better version of us. Not what WE want to be, but what God wants us to be.

Let’s focus on our similarities. Let’s continue to prepare and polish, making room for His light to shine through us. I’ve always thought that we should light up our houses for Easter, like we do for Christmas, because this celebration is also a magnificent chance for us to be filled with light and allow our own brightness to radiate everywhere we go. We are all specs of sunshine, beaming from the great source of light, which is God.

“Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”- Matthew 5:16

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