What is Heaven?

— A friend unexpectedly lost her 9 year-old daughter. She put her to bed one night, and the next morning she was no longer alive. I write this for her and her family:

Imagine the most perfect day of your life.

Where were you? Did you feel the sun on your face?

Or was it sprinkled with water? Were you drinking champagne?

Was your baby girl giggling? Did you watch the  sun set?

Could your legs run forever? Let yourself melt in that kiss?

Ride a moped at midnight? Felt the wind in your hair?

Meet your friend by the seashore? God was waiting right there.

We are fragile, we are weak.

We think we are giants but a simple virus can take us away.

There’s a new girl in heaven. She’s splashing around at the beach.

Laughing, dancing, getting her dark hair wet.

There is no limit to what she can do. Nothing can hold back her wish.

She is free. She is careless.  But she is no longer here.

God holds her, talking, explaining, while the Virgin Mary does her hair.

There is no pain. No frustration. No seat belts nor scares.

Only hoola hoops and ice cream and One Direction playing overhead.

Glitter falls from pink clouds. A peace unlike anything she felt here on Earth.

Free candy, cartwheels, nail polish, so many of her favorite things.

And waves of new feelings, eternal, ecstatic, transparent, bare.

We cannot put our finger on it. But God knew the exact day.

When she would meet Him and feel such unthinkable bliss.

Infinite perfection. Looking at His face.

Having all the answers that she doesn’t have here on Earth.

Carry on gentle spirit. We miss you, we love you.

Tell God to give us strength. Enjoy heaven, and save a place for us next to Him.


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