Boy or Girl?

baby—I thought I could wait until the baby was born. After all, we have a boy and a girl already, so whatever the baby was, we would be thrilled. Besides, I’ve seen, first-hand, the joy that moms experience right after giving birth, when they find out if it’s a boy or girl. While filming my documentary, that moment when the mom and dad check to see what they had was one of the most precious ones. But P and I decided we wanted to know. Just not in that cold ultrasound room…We asked the technician to write it down and put it in an envelope and we simply looked away when she checked to see what it was. Then we got home, sat by the Christmas tree with the kids, and we let Y open the envelope.

Out appointment was Friday, Dec 27th, at 6:45pm. When you go the home birth route, you don’t have an OB, so the midwife usually has a technician she recommends. We thought the time we were scheduled was a bit odd, but ┬áthen again, not many things in the home birth world fall into the “medical” routine. We wanted both kids to come with us and see the baby, but by the time we got to the clinic, little F had fallen asleep. It kind of worked out because that way he wasn’t running around like a tornado.

At 16 weeks, this ultrasound was our first. Though I knew I was pregnant and my protruding belly is definite proof that there is major construction going on inside of me, there is always that thought in the back of my mind, asking if everything is ok, and if the baby really is growing healthily. To see the little one move inside of me, flex their muscle (picture above), breathe in and out, and allow us to listen to that perfect heart beat was more than I could handle. I cried with a smile on my face, thanking God that He really did place this tiny being inside of my womb. I’ve gone through this two times already. Seeing the baby move in the ultrasound. But this time was somehow more real and emotional.

We got home and F woke up. I set up the camera to record the moment. We sat on the ground, by the tree, and Y opened the envelope. The technician had simply put a picture of the ultrasound, so Y couldn’t read boy or girl. She handed it to me. I looked at her and told her:
“It’s a boy mi vida. You’re having another brother!” And the waterworks started. Y also tenderly looked at me and her eyes welled up. But she smiled and hugged me. P hugged little F and there was joyous silence. We let it sink in. We are ready for another magical tornado in our house! Feeling grateful and blessed. Wishing everyone a year full of new births in our personal and spiritual lives. May we get closer to each other and to God. May we laugh more and complain less. May we have more time face to face and less via texts. May we share our hearts more than our rage. Happiness and health my friends!

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