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Lentil Tacos—Some people ask me how I can cook 5 nights a week (sometimes 7!) every single week. Well, that’s the only way to eat good food and know exactly what you’re putting in your body. That and the fact that my mom has taught me how to shop smart and make healthy meals. Gracias mami!

The key, I think, is being creative, trying new things, looking up recipes, not being afraid of switching things up, but ALWAYS staying true to good choices at the grocery store.

There are some aisles, I don’t EVER go near, like the bread aisle, cereal aisle, sodas, frozen foods (though I buy a lot of frozen veggies!) and I definitely stroll as quickly as I can past the pastries area. Why do you think they usually put it right at the front of the store? They want to tempt you from the start!

I just went to the store (Kroger here in Houston) and spent $130 on food for the week. That includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 5 days. And we’re not talking about sandwiches and chips on the menu! We’re having fresh wild alaskan salmon, snow crab clusters, and other really yummy food. Who says it’s expensive to eat delicious, healthy meals??

Breakfast anyone? It’s usually oatmeal or gluten free waffles (brand: Van’s) with fruit for the kids. I also buy gluten-free cereal that actually tastes good (brand: Bakery on Main). Besides that, I love smoothies in the morning. My favorite, go-to recipe is a hand full of the following: blueberries, strawberries, and kale. Plus one banana and 10 oz of almond milk. I either drink all of it and have nothing else, or I share a glass with my husband! So good!

Lunch is usually left overs from dinner, so I make enough at night.

Snacks are mainly fruit: today, I bought raspberries, pears, and melon. I already had bananas, strawberries and mangoes at home. We also have a lot of almonds and pistachios. Other snacks…The kids love that organic fruit rope (brand Clif Kid). Kind bars are amazing, so are Van’s gluten free chocolate chip bars which I just found!

Chips: we only do organic blue corn chips and those exotic vegetables (brand: Terra).

And for our sweet tooth, because, believe me, I have one… it’s gluten free brownies made at home (brand: Hodgson Mill). I make them with corn oil instead of butter. (I never use butter for anything. I know, you might think that’s horribly boring. But you get used to it, and your stomach will thank you!)

Dinner: I have about 30 rotating dishes. I don’t go to the grocery store with a menu already made every time. I just go with an idea of what I want written down. I like to see what’s on sale that particular day, and that changes what I had in mind. For example, today, it was the snow crab clusters which were $5.99 a pound. I got about 3 lb. The wild sockeye salmon was also a deal. I got about 1.5 lb. for $15. That’s enough for about 4 people!

So here is this week’s menu:

Baked Salmon in a dill and lemon sauce (look how I make it under “Recipes” tab!)
Sautéed Green beans (I buy frozen veggies for everything except eggplant, zucchini, asparagus, mushrooms, and of course salad ingredients! But I don’t boil the veggies, I always cook them in either coconut oil or olive oil with onion and garlic. The water content from them being frozen is enough to cook them and that way they are not bland and soggy!)

Turkey burgers (no bread)
Sweet potato fries (burgers and fries made at home, of course!)

Crab Claws (stick them in hot water with salt for a few minutes and voila!)
Sautéed spinach

Lentils (or lentil tacos on corn tortillas, as shown in the picture above)
Brown rice
Avocado Salad

Cod in coconut sauce
Sauteed Kale
Penne corn pasta

It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can have easy meals that are good for you and taste delicious!

Have a great, healthy week!

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  1. Estoy muy ORGULLOSADe ti hijita!!!!!!!!!!
    Eres increibe .
    Que Dios te de muchisimos anos mas para que disfrutes todos tus proyectos .
    Te quiero mucho

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