Bike Ride with my Brother

drafting–I hate riding with my brother not only because he is 6’3″,  and a beast on a bike, but also because he pushes me to my limit. That, and the fact that the first big fall I had last year was due to his crappy guidance.

Still, I gave in and rode with him yesterday. It was 9:30 a.m., sunny, hot, and windy. Not ideal conditions. I prayed as we rode off and told him I didn’t want to fall again.

He said we would draft so it would be easier on me. Well, I’ve only drafted once before but let me tell you what, once you get into that sweet spot, you will never want to ride alone again.

As explained here:
“The bicyclist, as he moves through the air, produces a turbulent wake behind himself. It makes vortices. The vortices actually make a low pressure area behind the bicyclist and an area of wind that moves along with the bicyclist. If you’re a following a bicyclist and can move into the wind behind the front bicyclist, you can gain an advantage. The low pressure moves you forward and the eddies push you forward.”

You have to get dangerously close to the back tire of the rider in front, and you can’t see where you are going. You have to trust the leader and keep pedalling. But at times, I was afraid of losing my balance.

I had an A-HA! moment as I followed my relentless brother. This was like following God. (Not that my brother is nearly as perfect as God!) I mean that if you are right behind God at all times, He will make the path easier. You have to trust He knows where He is taking you. He will try to avoid cracks on the floor, branches on a tree, other people riding in the opposite direction. But even so, there will be moments where you feel off balance, afraid, unsure if your legs will hold from so much pedalling. The key is to keep close and let His air take you.

I was gliding so fluidly, I even found a gear I didn’t know I had!

Thanks bro, for the ride and the space for me to learn a valuable lesson.

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