Kindergarten Here We Come!

kinder summer school–My daughter Y started kindergarten summer school last week. We figured it would be a good way to transition her into going to school every day, since she’s used to going only twice a week. I know. I’ve waited quite a while to introduce her to a structured school life. But I don’t regret for a minute having spent all these years with her at home.

Sure, there were days I wanted to jump out the window and scream. Mostly though, I’ve wished I had a “pause button” or a video camera constantly ON to remember all the sweet little things. I’ve tried to keep a journal for each of them and I write memorable things they’ve said or done. There are so many!

So she’ll be going to summer school this month of July, and then straight through until regular classes begin August 7th. (Scream now!!)

Y cried several mornings, saying she didn’t want to go. That there were going to be a lot of kids. I hugged her and told her that it was o.k. to cry. That it was normal to feel a little nervous because I too was feeling that way.

I always draw a heart on her hand whenever we are not going to be together. I tell her that she can look at the heart whenever she thinks of me, and I will be doing the same.

I was the one shedding tears in the parking lot the first day, realizing that this was it. The start of her school years. Such a long road, it seems. And this is the beginning of her independence. Of her maturing, learning, making friends, growing into her own person without me being there all the time.

Though I wanted and will always want a detailed explanation of every moment of her day, I know she did and will do many things I might never know about. And that’s hard because I want details and stories and emotions to be shared.

She HAS told me about a girl who talks a lot and held her hand, wanting to be her friend. About a rug they gave her for story time. About her teacher’s hair. About another little girl having similar shoes. About a bell they ring when they want them to stop what they’re doing and stand up.

I am in heaven that we’ve survived thus far and that she’s sharing the some delicious details about her first days of kindergarten.

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